National Children’s Dental Health Month #NCDHM

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Did you know tooth decay is the number one chronic infectious disease affecting American children?

Some tips for protecting those cute little teeth:

  1. Never put your baby to bed with a bottle. Milk and formula actually have sugar (lactose) in them. When a child falls asleep with a bottle, the sugars in the milk sit on the upper front teeth and can lead to a terrible condition called baby bottle tooth decay. Yes, they will lose those baby teeth eventually, but teeth are critical in helping your child eat, swallow, and develop language.DH_bottlecaries_im1
  2. Have your child see a dentist when the first teeth come in, around age 1. The first visits are generally short and sweet, and are designed to help your child feel comfortable in the dental office. Our goal is to educate the child and parents about childhood oral hygiene, diet, tooth development, and oral habits (thumb sucking & pacifiers). At Aronson Family Dental, we provide free infant dental checkups for kiddos younger than three.IMG_3364
  3. Brush your child’s teeth for two minutes twice a day. Kids often want to brush by themselves, but they don’t develop the coordination necessary to do a great job until about age 8. We recommend letting your child brush first, and then mom or dad pitches in to help. Electric toothbrushes are also helpful because they remove much more plaque than a manual toothbrush. kid brushing
  4. Limit the amount of sugary beverages and foods your child eats. Some of the worst culprits for tooth decay are juice, sports drinks, soda, raisins/dry fruit, fruit roll-ups/leathers, candy, and foods that stick in their teeth. CDHM 2
Want more information?
  • Visit the Mouth Monsters to learn some tips on how to keep your teeth healthy! Mouth Monsters
  • Check out the American Dental Association’s great educational website
  • Look for National Children’s Dental Health Month #NCDHM on Facebook and Twitter
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